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Hi Chris,
I am in the particular case of a signal handling, so things are a easier
since it can't be interrupted. Inside handle_signal, I could check if
the pipe is empty and the state won't change as long as I don't write
into it. 
In fact, correct me if I'm wrong, but in my understanding signal
handling causes all threads to be stopped as long as the handling is not
done, even on a multi cpu. I'm talking about Linux on x86 architecture,
maybe this is completely wrong on other plateforms. At least this is
true if the application has only one thread since I experienced this
deadlock (handle_signal is blocked in the write on the notification
pipe, and the reactor that read from the pipe is paused as long as the
signal handling is not terminated).

I could have inherited from Select_Reactor_T to have this
notification_pipe_empty() method, and it would have done the work I
guess, I didn't think about that.
Actually we found a way to call notify only when needed with a counter
which is incremented in handle_signal and decremented in
handle_exception. It's not exactly trivial since handle_exception can be
interrupted by handle_signal, and mutexes are prohibited here, but it's
feasable if one is careful about when the operations are done.


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On Feb 12, 2008, at 7:46 AM, ZXERASOGE002, Ext wrote:

> In my case I don't care if I miss a few notifications when the pipe is
> not empty because I have a loop over waitpid in handle_exception.  
> But in
> handle_signal I must be sure I call notify when the pipe is empty. One
> solution would be to check in handle_signal if there is something to
> read from the notification pipe (with a select for instance), and call
> notify *only* when there is nothing to read (ie the pipe is empty).  
> The
> problem is the notification_pipe is protected and not public

Don't you still have a race condition where the pipe fills between the  
time you check for empty and the time you actually try to write?  I  
realize that's pathological and fairly unlikely, but it doesn't sound  

As far as gaining access to the notification_pipe, it's been awhile  
since I've mucked around with reactor internals, but couldn't you  
specialize the implementation (Select_Reactor or Select_Reactor_T) and  
override notify() with your own implementation that does what you want?

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