[Ace-users] ACE_SSL asynchronous connection doesn't work with ACE_Connector

vrencianz zoli at para.ro
Wed Feb 13 04:46:19 CST 2008

1) the ACE_Connector's initialize_svc_handler calls the svc_handler-
>peer ().get_remote_addr (raddr) which always fail because of the
SSL_is_init_finished (this->ssl_) returns -1. More than that,
the ::SSL_set_connect_state (ssl) didn't call before.

2) the ACE_SSL_SOCK_Connector::ssl_connect has a do {} while().
Because of that, the ssl_connect with &ACE_Time_value::zero will
return with an error (SSL_ERROR_WANT_READ then timeout on select) or
will poll till success. The last case is good but it will block the

Probably I do something wrong. What can I do then to make the ACE_SSL
asynchronous connections work?

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