[Ace-users] [ace-users] error with libACE.so.5.6.2

Priya Kulkarni pkulka3 at iit.edu
Wed Feb 20 08:03:04 CST 2008


I am trying to compile ACE in the $ACE_ROOT/ace directory, but the error
that I am getting during the make is:

make[1]: o: Command not found
make[1]: [libACE.so.5.6.2] Error 127 (ignored)
rm -f libACE.so
/home/priya/ACE_wrappers/bin/add_rel_link.sh libACE.so.5.6.2 libACE.so
ln -s libACE.so.5.6.2 libACE.so
chmod a+rx libACE.so.5.6.2
chmod: cannot access `libACE.so.5.6.2': No such file or directory

due to which all the links to the library files are broken....
I am unable to understand where I am going wrong and would appreciate
some help!
I am currently on Ubuntu with 
GNU Make 3.81 and gcc version 4.1.3 


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