[Ace-users] [ace-users] Problem compiling with ACE when including ace/Timer_Heap.h

Johnny Willemsen jwillemsen at remedy.nl
Thu Feb 21 13:23:14 CST 2008


> ACE_VERSION: 5.4.7 (as packaged with Ubuntu Linux)

This is really an old version. I was not aware that Ubuntu has packaged
ACE/TAO, they then seem to package very old stuff.

> OS: Ubuntu Linux v7.10
> COMPILER: g++ v4.1.2
> I am trying to include 2 ACE files so I can use the Timer Queues
> functionality of ACE. The two files are:
> 1. ace/Timer_Queue_Adapters.h
> 2. ace/Timer_Heap.h
> If I try and include the Timer_Heap.h (or any of the other concrete
> ACE_Timer_Queue class header files), I get the following compiler
> error from g++:
> <3 sets of "In file included from /usr/include/ace/Timer_Heap_T.h:17,"
> similar messages...>
> /usr/include/ace/Timer_Queue_T.cpp:399:91: error: macro "timeout"
> passed 5 arguments, but takes just 1
> /usr/include/ace/Timer_Queue_T.cpp:395: error: invalid function
> declaration
> I checked out line 395 and 399 which is for the timeout member
> function. There are 5 parameters defined there. It seems to me like
> the compiler is confused about the prototype of the timeout member
> function from somewhere else, but I'm not sure what or where. Any
> thoughts about what could be causing this?

I think somewhere a define called timeout is defined. Try to undefine
timeout before including these files, search who is defining timeout.


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