[Ace-users] mutex

kulg123 at gmail.com kulg123 at gmail.com
Wed Feb 27 05:56:04 CST 2008

There is a client which is writing and readers reading. I m tring to
synchronize it using ACE_RW_Process_mutex .
I have given the name LIKE THIS

static const ACE_TCHAR * Mutexname=ACE_TEXT("hash-Map-Mutex")

ACE_RW_Process_mutex *RWMutex

RWMutex = new ACE_RW_Process_mutex(USYNC_PROCESS,Mutexname)

But when i run this it does take the name correctly.

Please let me know how to go for this ACE_RW_Process_mutex  named
The syncronization is not happening properly.

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