[Ace-users] [ace-users] Configure number of connections ACE_Acceptor will accept

Douglas C. Schmidt schmidt at dre.vanderbilt.edu
Thu Feb 28 10:58:23 CST 2008

Hi Mitch,

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>Let me apologize in advance for my ignorance.  I'm an old socket guy.

No problemo - that's where I started too!

>I am using ACE_Acceptor and would like to configure the number of
>accepts (1..n) the Acceptor will allow.


>Basically, if nConnections = 1, the ACE_Acceptor will create one
>SvcHandler and any more connection requests should result in
>'connection refused' by the requesting peer.  If the connected peer
>closes the connection, the next connection request will be accepted.
>Using the following, all connection requests are accepted and multiple
>SvcHandlers are instantiated.

There are various ways you could do this.  One easy one would be to
subclass from ACE_Acceptor and override the make_svc_handler() method
to keep track of the number of active connections and only create a
new SvcHandler if the number of active connections is below
nConnections_.  Naturally, you'd need to define some sort of callback
method in your ACE_Aceptor subclass that your SvcHandler will call
when a connection is closed so that the nConnection_ count is
maintained properly.

Take care,


>Gateway::ConnectionAcceptor::ConnectionAcceptor(Gateway* gateway)
>    : gateway_ (gateway)
>    , svcHandler_(0)
>    std::cout << "Gateway::ConnectionAcceptor::ConnectionAcceptor... "
>            << "listening on port " << gatewayData_->listenPort
>            << std::endl;
>   nConnections_ = gatewayData_->nConnections;  // unused at this
>    std::cout << "Gateway::ConnectionAcceptor::~ConnectionAcceptor..."
>            << std::endl;
>    }
>    if (svcHandler_)
>    {
>        svcHandler_->close();
>        delete svcHandler_;
>        svcHandler_ = 0;
>    }
>int Gateway::ConnectionAcceptor::make_svc_handler(SvcHandler*&
>    std::cout << "Gateway::ConnectionAcceptor::make_svc_handler..."
>            << "  i.e. connection request" << std::endl;
>    }
>    svcHandler_ = new SvcHandler(gateway_, gatewayData_);
>    svcHandler_->reactor(ACE_Reactor::instance());
>    svcHandler = svcHandler_;
>    return 0;
>Any ideas would be appreciated.

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