[Ace-users] Upgrading from TAO 1.2a to 1.4a - general question

wbaugur at landacorp.com wbaugur at landacorp.com
Thu Feb 28 14:08:45 CST 2008

My company is in the process of migrating to TAO 1.4a; we had
previously been using 1.2a. We were wondering if this should, in
theory, work "out of the box" after building, or if we might need to
recode parts of our application to implement new/changed
functionality? The release notes I've seen don't address anything
beyond the build issues. Our main developer had noted that 1.4a is
significantly larger, and was hoping that the increase was mostly in
additional functionality that we might not truly need.

Thanks in advance,

Wayland Augur

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