[Ace-users] [tao-users] scalability/thread pool performance (500+ clients)

Andrew Solodovnikov blackborn at yandex.ru
Sat Mar 1 16:54:47 CST 2008

DCS> Hi Andrew,

>> DCS> It's worth a shot to see how well it performs.
>> Doug, thanks for answers.

DCS> You are welcome.  BTW, you might also consider using the Customer
DCS> Servant Dispatcher feature to implement your own thread pools.  Check
DCS> out 

DCS> TAO_ROOT/examples/CSD_Strategy/

DCS> for some examples.

Thanx again! I'll try to look.

>> Another question - are there any plans about iocp thread pool for
>> windows (ACE_Proactor) in TAO? I think, it can gain performance in
>> such cases. For example, WCF uses iocp, and as we can see - greatly
>> outperforms TAO in our patters...

DCS> Right, I agree that having an ACE_Proactor implementation of TAO on
DCS> Windows would be very cool.  This would require major modifications to
DCS> TAO's ORB Core, but if you'd like to volunteer to do the work or sponsor
DCS> such work that would be great.

We are choosing a rpc framework now, so if we choose to use TAO, it
would be great to take a part in TAO development.

Anywhere, thanks for answers and for your great work!

Andrew Solodovnikov

DCS> take care,

DCS>      Doug

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