[ace-users] OCI TAO 2.2a patch 8 now available for download

Phil Mesnier mesnierp at ociweb.com
Fri Dec 18 12:09:41 CST 2015

ACE+TAO 2.2a patch 8 is now available for download. Please see http://download.ociweb.com/TAO-2.2a_patches for the download. Visit http://theaceorb.com/downloads/2.2a/index.html for more download options.

Features added and bugs/fixes in TAO 2.2a_p8 

   - Added support for VxWorks 7
   - Various improvements for wchar-native platforms.
   - Fix for some issues related to using SSL with IPv6
   - The ORB_init option -ORBUseParallelConnects now defaults to enabled
     to improve performance of clients when faced with multiple endpoints
   - Added new tao_imr option to force removal of a running server along with other fixes
   - (ACE only) Added a new configurations for the FACE safety profile, used to support
   - Improve ACE INET address resolution behavior.

  See ACE_wrappers/OCIReleaseNotes.html for more details on
  these and other changes.  See ACE_wrappers/OCIChangeLog and
  ACE_wrappers/TAO/OCIChangeLog for the specific changes included in
  this patch.

Best regards,

Phil Mesnier
Principal Engineer & Partner

tel  +1.314.579.0066 x225

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