[ace-users] Linker error

Johnny Willemsen jwillemsen at remedy.nl
Fri May 1 01:01:34 CDT 2015


This could be the order in which you specify the libraries on the
command line, see our daily MinGW64 build, compare the flags we pass
with yours, see

Best regards,

Johnny Willemsen
Remedy IT

On 04/30/2015 10:49 PM, James Franco wrote:
> I am currently working on porting some code that is using the ACE
> library from Visual Studio to GCC and I get the following linker error.
> I included the following library flags 
> -lTAOd
> -lTAO_PortableServerd
> -lTAO_CosNamingd
> However I am stilling getting a linker error.
> Any suggestions on how to resolve this issue. I am using Mingw64
> This is the linker error(s) i am getting
>  undefined reference to `__imp__ZN5CORBA6Object21tao_object_initializeEPS0_'
>  undefined reference to
> `__imp__ZN3TAO18Invocation_Adapter6invokeEPNS_14Exception_DataEm'
> ....
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