[ace-users] Resource Temporarily unavailable when building TAO

James Franco mjfranc808 at gmail.com
Wed May 6 12:55:38 CDT 2015

I am attempting to build TAO using Mingw64. I have successfully managed to
build ACE.
Here is the final output that I get after issuing the make command to   TAO

C:\msys\1.0\bin\sh.exe: *** fork: can't reserve memory for stack 0xA0000 -
0x2A0000, Win32 error 0
      0 [main] sh 6276 sync_with_child: child 5620(0x25C) died before
initialization with status code 0x1
    408 [main] sh 6276 sync_with_child: *** child state waiting for longjmp
/usr/bin/sh: fork: Resource temporarily unavailable
c:/ACE/ACE_wrappers/include/makeinclude/rules.lib.GNU:242: recipe for
target 'libTAO_IDL_BE.dll' failed
make64[1]: *** [libTAO_IDL_BE.dll] Error 128
make64[1]: Leaving directory 'c:/ACE/ACE_wrappers/TAO/TAO_IDL'
GNUmakefile:2259: recipe for target 'TAO_IDL_BE' failed
make64: *** [TAO_IDL_BE] Error 2

Has anyone else come across this situation ?
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