[ace-users] Compilation error using ACE_USES_WCHAR

Cesar Mello cmello at gmail.com
Wed May 20 16:02:58 CDT 2015


I can build most of ACE and TAO using ACE_USES_WCHAR under Windows (Visual
Studio 2015 RC). Everything I currently need works, congratulations for the
great work!

But in IFRService/AliasDef_i.cpp the local variable ACE_TString "id" is
wide (that's ok when reading from the ACE_Configuration::get_string_value
because it also returns a wide string):

TAO_AliasDef_i::type_i (void)
  ACE_TString id;
  this->repo_->config ()->get_string_value (this->section_key_,

But later this wide string is passed to CORBA::TypeFactory::create_alias_tc
which expects an ANSI string (const char*):


  return this->repo_->tc_factory ()->create_alias_tc (id.c_str (),
                                                      name.c_str (),
                                                      tc.in ());


Should this string be converted from wide to ANSI before calling

Maybe if you give me a hint I can fix it myself.

Thank you a lot for the attention.

Best regards!
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