[ace-users] ACE/TAO RPMs available for Fedora 23 and OpenSuSE Leap

Johnny Willemsen jwillemsen at remedy.nl
Fri Nov 27 02:48:19 CST 2015


We have added RPMs for Fedora 23 and OpenSuSE Leap on OpenSuSE Build
Service. We only tested that the core code compiles, no runtime testing
has been done for these new releases, we are looking for sponsoring for

For the links to OBS check ORBZone.org at http://orbzone.org/node/387

If you are interested in the IDL to C++11 language mapping check TAOX11
at http://www.remedy.nl/en/taox11 and AXCIOMA at http://www.axcioma.com

Best regards,

Johnny Willemsen
Remedy IT Expertise BV
Postbus 81 | 6930 AB Westervoort | The Netherlands

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