[ace-users] Division by zero in ACE_Stats::quotient() method

Vural, Okan okan.vural at siemens.com
Thu Oct 1 02:00:02 CDT 2015

Hello All,

In the both "ACE_Stats::quotient" methods there seems a potential division by zero problem (See below). It is independent of platform, this is why I didn't send the problem in a Problem Report. And I checked the latest version in ACE SVN as well. It seems still same in the latest version.

ACE Version     : V 630
File            : Stats.cpp
Method  :

ACE_Stats::quotient (const ACE_UINT64 dividend,
                     const ACE_UINT32 divisor,
                     ACE_Stats_Value &quotient)
  // The whole part of the division comes from simple integer division.
  quotient.whole (static_cast<ACE_UINT32> (divisor == 0
                                           ?  0  :  dividend / divisor));

  if (quotient.precision () > 0  ||  divisor == 0)
      const ACE_UINT32 field = quotient.fractional_field ();
      quotient.fractional (static_cast<ACE_UINT32> (
                             dividend % divisor * field / divisor));

With best regards,
Okan Vural

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