[ace-users] App start crash

邓会鹏 huipeng.deng at sinovision-tech.com
Sun Sep 13 21:32:19 CDT 2015

Hello everyone,I am new to ACE.When I use ACE in my project.I find a strange app crash in my project.Software and hardware information are listed below:OS: Win7 Embedded Standard SP1, 64 bit EditonACE version:6.2DevTool: VS2012 Update3Computer:HP Z820 workstation
I set the app starting when the computer boots, I log in the computer.The app using ACE crashes.If I restart the app,the crash will never happen again.In other words,the crash only happens when the user first uses that app since the computer boots. I attach the process and find that the crashing happens int the function ACE_Thread_Exit::instance (void)(file is Thread_Exit.cpp).The code is shown below:
ACE_MT (ACE_Thread_Mutex *lock =
              ACE_GUARD_RETURN (ACE_Thread_Mutex, ace_mon, *lock, 0));I find the variable lock's address is 0x00000008,that is not illegal.But I don't know why this will happen.Because I have called ACE:init() in the main function.Can anyone give me some information?Thanks in advance.
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