[ace-users] Microsoft Schannel and ACE?

Steve Huston shuston at riverace.com
Tue Dec 5 16:20:59 CST 2017

Hi Joe,

I’ve worked with Schannel in another context, and the programming model is quite different from openssl. It would be significant work to come up with something to work that into the ACE framework.

While Riverace doesn’t have a particular use case for Schannel itself, whatever is important to a customer is important, so we’re certainly available for whatever you need. Please contact me directly if you wish to discuss more.

Best regards,
Steve Huston
Riverace Corporation

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Hi there -

We're looking for a FIPS-compliant SSL/TLS implementation on Windows using the ACE framework. Although OpenSSL has some level of FIPS compliance, we'd like to explore using Schannel under the hood instead as that would provide FIPS compliance on any Windows platform & version.

So has anyone explored adding support for Schannel to ACE? I imagine it would be yet another SSL provider (in parallel with OpenSSL) that could be enabled on Windows platforms. Also, if we were to implement it, would anyone else be interested in using it?


   - joe

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