[ace-users] MPC adds extension "_dll" to Program Database file name (pdb)

Taffou Happi taffou.happi at yahoo.de
Thu Oct 26 11:38:28 CDT 2017

I have a question regarding MPC, the extension "_dll" is added to the Program Database file name. Is it possible to avoid this? 

When requesting MPCsupport please provide the following items:   MPC version (using mwc.pl -version): …\ACE+TAO-6.4.5\ACE_wrappers>perl-S D:\tmp\ACE+TAO-6.4.5\ACE_wrappers\MPC\mwc.pl --versionUsing.../ACE+TAO-6.4.5/ACE_wrappers/bin/MakeProjectCreator/config/MPC.cfgCIAO_ROOT was used inthe configuration file, but was not defined.DANCE_ROOT was used inthe configuration file, but was not defined.MPC v4.1.25   Perl version (using perl --version): …\ACE+TAO-6.4.5\ACE_wrappers>perl-S --version This is perl, v5.8.6built for MSWin32-x86-multi-thread(with 3 registeredpatches, see perl -V for more detail) Copyright 1987-2004,Larry Wall    Operating System and Shell: Windows 7 EnterpriseService Pack 1   ACE or TAO version (if using either):     TAO VERSION: 2.4.5    ACE VERSION: 6.4.5   The contents of default.features (if any):---   MPC command line options: -type vc10 %ACE_ROOT%\ace\ace.mpc   Problem description (please be as detailed aspossible): This is the output of “ProgramDatabaseFile” in ACE.vcxproj file: $(OutDir)\ACEd_dll.pdb Why MPC adds theextension “_dll” to the filename? Is it possible to avoid this?
Best regards,Taffou
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