[ace-users] EXECUTION: schedule_timer() stopped when system time is set to earlier time.

Granwehr Boris STAG Boris.Granwehr at stadlerrail.com
Wed Mar 7 03:10:36 CST 2018


Thanks for your help.

I have now solved it by setting a custom timer_queue with the Monotonic
Time Policy to the Reactor:

  ACE_Timer_Queue * tmq = 0;
  typedef ACE_Timer_Heap_T<ACE_Event_Handler *,
                           ACE_Monotonic_Time_Policy> timer_queue_type;
  ACE_NEW_RETURN (tmq, timer_queue_type (), 0); 
  test_handler handler;
  ACE_Reactor::instance()->schedule_timer(&handler, (void *)0,        
                           ACE_Time_Value(0), ACE_Time_Value(1));

best regards

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Yes, this is possible on some platforms, see for example
tests/Monotonic_Message_Queue_Test.cpp. See
docs/ACE-monotonic-timer.html for some more background.

Best regards,

Johnny Willemsen

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On 03/06/2018 05:55 PM, Granwehr Boris STAG wrote:
> When using ACE_Reactor::schedule_timer() with interval, the calling
> of
> ACE_Event_Handler::handle_timeout() is stopped when the system time
> is
> set to an earlier time.
> Is it possible to use the CLOCK_MONOTONIC instead of the
> with the ACE_Reactor::schedule_timer() method?
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