[ace-users] HTTP and HTTPS support & Supported Platforms

Adam Mitz mitza at objectcomputing.com
Mon Mar 9 09:59:20 CDT 2020

Hi Parveen,

On 3/5/2020 9:02 AM, Parveen Sharma wrote:
> Following are my questions wrt ACE
> a) Is ACE officially supported on all the below platforms
>   1. Windows 2. Linux 3. iOS 4. Android

> b) Does ACE support HTTP and HTTPS on all the above platforms?

See $ACE_ROOT/protocols/ace/INet.  I don't know of anything here that 
would be platform-dependent

> c) How does ACE provides SSL support on all above platforms?

See the ACE_SSL library in $ACE_ROOT/ace/SSL.

> d) Does ACE use OS native library for HTTP and HTTPS support?
See $ACE_ROOT/protocols/ace/INet

Adam Mitz
Principal Software Engineer
Object Computing, Inc.

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