[ace-users] [EXTERNAL] [TAO+Qt5] How to code a Qt5 application with CORBA objects

Cohen, Martin mcohen at veeder.com
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I have an app using Qt 4, you should use the QtReactor.
Internally it will call the Qt Eventloop.

Qt with TAO should be a single threaded app.
There is a performance hit in how Qt event loop is called (we changed it) but works perfectly fine as is.

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I’m starting to design and implement a Qt5 based application communicating with some remote CORBA objects. F.e. the app should connect to a notification channel as a push consumer.

As ORB framework I want to use TAO. Both frameworks, TAO as well as Qt, use some kind of event loop (QCoreApplication::exec() and ORB::run()) but only one can be used in one thread. Should I create at least two threads, one running the Qt event loop and the other one the TAO loop or does there exists another, possibly more elegant, way?


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