[ciao-users] Remedy IT announces AXCIOMA v1.1

Johnny Willemsen jwillemsen at remedy.nl
Mon May 30 03:17:46 CDT 2016


Remedy IT is pleased to announce the availability of AXCIOMA 1.1.

This AXCIOMA 1.1 release is the result of several years of development
dedicated to the creation of a more modern (using the OMG IDL to C++11
language mapping), complete, stable, and flexible implementation of the
LwCCM and several related specifications. For more details see our
AXCIOMA 1.1 announcement at http://www.axcioma.com/news/axciomav110.html

For more details about AXCIOMA see http://www.axcioma.com

Free of charge evaluation versions available for Windows, Linux, and

Best regards,

Johnny Willemsen
CTO Remedy IT

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