[tao-users] Multi Homed Host

Winkler Martin M.Winkler at hainzl.at
Fri Oct 16 04:10:50 CDT 2015


i have a host system with multiple network interfaces (vlan). In the system there are three network interfaces. (eth0.1 (interface1), eth0.2 (interface2) , eth0.3(interface3)).
In my application I have two orbs (with different id's), because the two orbs are connected to different NameServers.

I'd like to have orb1 listening only on eth0.1 and orb2 only on eth0.2.
I pass the option -ORBListenEndpoints iiop://interface1 to orb1 and  -ORBListenEndpoints iiop://interface2 to orb2. On orb1 I get a segmentation fault, on orb 2 it is working.

When I specify no options the two orbs start, but the object ior's of both orbs object's contain both network interfaces.

eth0.1 get's it's ip ( address through a dns server, eth0.2 has a fix ip ( address.

Any Ideas what the problem could be?


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