[tao-users] Modernizing your CORBA application using TAOX11

Johnny Willemsen jwillemsen at remedy.nl
Wed Jun 24 01:58:13 CDT 2020


As CORBA developers we all know how hard the IDL to C++ language mapping
is. A mistake is easily made which leads to a segfault or a memory leak.

To make it much easier to use CORBA the OMG has defined the IDL to C++11
language mapping. This mapping is much easier and safe, it uses the std
library as much as possible. As one of the authors of this language
mapping Remedy IT has developed TAOX11. TAOX11 leverages the power of
ACE and TAO to provide a mature, stable, and fast CORBA implementation
with an easy to use API.

TAOX11 is 100% open source, it is available for free from
https://github.com/RemedyIT. More details about TAOX11 are online at
https://www.taox11.org. When you want to have a overview of the
differences between the language mappings see
https://www.taox11.org/documents/presentations.html for some
presentations we made.

When you want to know more about TAOX11 and how it can make your life
easier then just give TAOX11 a try or contact me to discuss how we can
assist you with a migration to TAOX11.

Best regards,

Johnny Willemsen
Remedy IT

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