[Ace-users] [ace-users] ACE Compile Error on SAXPrint (unresolved externals on ACE_Obstack_T)

Mathis, Jim jim.mathis at lmco.com
Thu Jan 10 12:48:23 CST 2008


Thanks for the info. I followed the comment as per Adam and the ACE &
TAO compile was successful.


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> > So far as I remember the 1.5 version doesn't have the code to 
> > support this work around. You need to upgrade to a newer version or 
> > try to backport the changes to the 1.5 release. The 1.6.2 version 
> > does
> detect
> > RHEL 5 automatically and enabled the workaround.
> no_hidden_visibility=1 is supported in ACE 5.5.

That is the large workaround, just disable everything. With 1.6.2 we
have gcc_template_instantiation_visibility, which keeps visibility
enabled but just slightly changes a few defines. The resulting libraries
will be smaller then with no_hidden_visibility.


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