[Ace-users] Why send() cause a SIGPIPE rather than returning -1 with ECONNRESET

qqq yuanhp_china at hotmail.com
Fri Jan 11 12:16:22 CST 2008

My problem occurs in linux socket API. I am not sure whether it occurs
in ACE.

In linux, I have codes below:


 char buf[1024*1024];
 int n = send(sockfd, buf, 1024*1024, 0);    //the first send()
 n = send(sockfd, buf, 1024, 0);             //the second send()

 The first send() should block for a while. If client receives  an RST
from server when send() is blocking,  the first send() returns a
number less than 1024*1024. However, sometimes the second send() will
cause a SIGPIPE signal or sometimes it return -1 with a ECONNRESET
error rather than SIGPIPE.

 Why? Any help are appreciated.


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