[Ace-users] ACE release notes

j1230xz at gmail.com j1230xz at gmail.com
Mon Jan 14 08:57:54 CST 2008


We are middle sized company and currently we work as subcontractors
for a bigger company (in the automotive industry), making a case study
of porting one of their products to Windows Vista. The company we work
for seems to be worried about how ACE is going to behave on the new
Vista OS so we should include that in our case study. What we are
concerned is that we cannot find any release notes for ACE 5.4 and ACE
5.5 (I've found for ACE 5.3), so that we can see the changes (and
possible flaws) and analyse the impact of using new ACE 5.5 version
instead of the currently used ACE 5.4. So is it would be great if
someone can tell me where we can find the release notes for both ACE
5.5 and ACE 5.4. Also we would like to know is there a possibility of
finding full comparison between ACE 5.4 and ACE 5.5 (and/or its usage
on Windows Vista).

Thanks in advance.

Nikola Tanev

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