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Douglas C. Schmidt schmidt at dre.vanderbilt.edu
Mon Jan 14 10:11:08 CST 2008

Hi Nikola,

> We are middle sized company and currently we work as subcontractors
> for a bigger company (in the automotive industry), making a case
> study of porting one of their products to Windows Vista. The company
> we work for seems to be worried about how ACE is going to behave on
> the new Vista OS so we should include that in our case study. 

Recent releases of ACE should work fine on Vista.  For older versions,
it's anyones guess ;-)

> What we are concerned is that we cannot find any release notes for
> ACE 5.4 and ACE 5.5 (I've found for ACE 5.3), so that we can see the
> changes (and possible flaws) and analyse the impact of using new ACE
> 5.5 version instead of the currently used ACE 5.4. So is it would be
> great if someone can tell me where we can find the release notes for
> both ACE 5.5 and ACE 5.4.

All the release notes are available in the ACE_ROOT/NEWS.  All the raw
material is in ACE_ROOT/ChangeLogs.

> Also we would like to know is there a possibility of finding full
> comparison between ACE 5.4 and ACE 5.5 (and/or its usage on Windows
> Vista).

If the information available in the release is insufficient I
recommend you contact one of the ACE support companies listed at


for commercial support.


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