[Ace-users] ACE_Stream beginner problem

rt taglioretti at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 17 19:05:06 CST 2008

Hi Doug,
I have found where is the problem, the stream default constructor open
the stream.
When I use the open member the stream allocate new tail and head so
the tail and head allocated on constructor are never free.
In the APG book there is an example (cap 18.2.1)  with the same
problem and in the C++NPv2 book (cap 9.3.) is not so clear for me that
the default constructor already opens the stream.

I would like to modify the ACE_Stream:
1) write the member is_open() as in the c++ standard stream;
2) prevent the opening of already opened stream;
but I'm not sure to be good enough c++ developer.

Best regards.


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