[Ace-users] [tao-users] Strange Logs message from TAO

Olivier Brunet o.brunet at free.fr
Tue Jan 22 11:58:05 CST 2008

Hi all,

Quick PRF:

Windows Vista x64, ACE+TAO x.6.2
Windows XP SP2 x86, ACE+TAO x.6.2
Linux Mandriva 2008 x86, ACE+TAO x.6.2

Everytime I start a TAO ORB, I got these error messages:

3752 -- 20080122-18:44:53 3 ACE (3756|3752) LN::open_dll - Failed to 
open TAO_PI: Error: check log for details.

     3752 -- 20080122-18:44:53 3 ACE (3756|3752) Unable to create 
service object for ORBInitializer_Registry

(My appli runs fine anyway so this question is just to keep me 
intellectually happy)

I use the following statements to configure the ORB:
// Setup UTF16 translator for Sun's JDK ORB
	const char *directive="static UTF16_BOM_Factory \"-forceBE\"";
	// Setup ORB
	// Disable TAO's upcall support as it may dead lock our corba servers 
with lock and back calls
	// from clients (MetaSearch API is one of them)
	const char *orbcfg=" \
	static Server_Strategy_Factory		\"-ORBPOALock null 
-ORBAllowReactivationOfSystemids 0\" \
	static Client_Strategy_Factory		\"-ORBProfileLock null -ORBWaitStrategy 
rw -ORBTransportMuxStrategy exclusive -ORBConnectStrategy blocked\" \
	static Resource_Factory				\"-ORBFlushingStrategy blocking\" \

			if (ACE_Service_Config::process_directive (directive) != 0)
				ACE_TEXT ("ACECorbaTask::svc() - ")
				ACE_TEXT ("process_directive() failed for:\n")
				ACE_TEXT ("\"%s\""),
			if (ACE_Service_Config::process_directive (orbcfg) != 0)
				ACE_TEXT ("ACECorbaTask::svc() - ")
				ACE_TEXT ("process_directive() failed for:\n")
				ACE_TEXT ("\"%s\""),

And my App loads the following DLL (plus ACE):
TAO_Codeset.dll (this one is not explictly linked, but is dynamically 
loaded by the TAO core)

My questions:
How to not have these 2 log lines (on every platform) ?
And is it possible to use the POA (portableserver.dll) without 
AnyTypeCode.dll (compile time define maybe ?) ?

Thanks for your lights

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