[ace-users] ACE Migration from 5.2 on 6.4 version

Steve Huston shuston at riverace.com
Thu Aug 18 09:50:06 CDT 2016

Hi Ashish,

The major changes you will encounter in porting are that a number of header files were reorganized. The most tedious part of the migration will be that you may need to add more #include statements and/or change some. Of particular note, if your code uses #include "ace/OS.h" (as most old code does) you should plan on replacing that with more specific OS includes (check in the ACE_wrappers/ace directory and its subdirectories for specifics). You may also need to add more #include statements to include header files that used to be included as side-effects of other files but are not any longer.

I don't know of any features that were removed in that time frame, but 10 years is a long time. There may be new features you can take advantage of. Read through the NEWS file in the new version for an overview.

I have not heard of anyone still using ACE 5.2 with anything. It's been years since we supported it.

-Steve Huston

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Dear Ace Users,

We are currently I process of migrating out legacy SW build from Linux + Ace 5.x (5.2 to be precise) to AOSP 4.4 (Kitkat) + ACE 6.4.

Need couple of inputs on this.
1. What is major change set between these two version as the gap is more than 10 years between these.
2. What is risk we carry to migrate.

Also if we want to continue with 5.2 version . Did anyone tried building AOSP 4.4 (KitKat) + ACE 5.2

Thanks in advance.


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