[ace-users] Port ACE to Android Kitkat

Douglas C. Schmidt schmidt at dre.vanderbilt.edu
Fri Aug 19 10:36:42 CDT 2016

Hi Smitha,

Thanks very much for your email.  Please make sure to send all questions
related to ACE to the appropriate mailing list or newsgroup, rather than
to me directly since I travel frequently and often don't have ready
access to email.  See


for more info on how to access these resources.

> We are working on a Proof of Concept for one of our customers and the ask is to
> port ACE v 5.2 onto Android Kitkat.
> We wanted to understand if this has been attempted before. 

I doubt it - ACE 5.2 is very old.

> Also is there a version of ACE which is already ported onto Android?

Yes, the first versions of ACE to support Android started with the 6.x


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