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kai-uwe.schieser at diehl.com kai-uwe.schieser at diehl.com
Mon May 18 08:42:45 CDT 2015

Hi there!

thanks for your quick answers.
@Mark: Your problem description is close to mine.

To make things clearer I wouldlike to explain my system structure more 
I have a dance_locality_manager process running with many different 
components on a single node. On the 'top-layer' of this system there are 
components that are accessed via naming service  from a different process 
(plain CORBA interfaces). Some of the opertation calls to these components 
are long-running, and since they are dipatched by a single thread only one 
after another is called in the dance_locality_manager process. The method 
invocation on the other process is multithreaded. 

I looked into documentation for some ORB options to handle this topic. Do 
you have some thoughts on  ''-ORBCollocationStrategy direct"  or maybe the 
"-ORBConcurrency thread-per-connection"?

Definiteley, to use more dance_locality_manager processes would be a wy to 
solve this. But I would prefer an simpler solution.


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Will's suggestion to use AMI4CCM will work well in term of eliminating 
unnecessary container work thread lockup due to synchronous/blocking calls 
from component client ports.

Perhaps you are instead worried about long-running operation 
implementations on servant/server side ports rather than client ports, and 
have 2 or more on the same component (or on multiple components mapped to 
the same DAnCE LM component server process) that will execute for an 
extended period before returning to the event queue, thus preventing other 
events from being dispatched & processed by that same container?  If so, 
my suggestion would be to allocate those server ports/operations to two 
different components instead, if they're on just one, and deploy the two+ 
components each to their own DAnCE LM component server process.  That's 
the easy approach to CIAO+DAnCE multi-threading.  Specifically, use 
multiple LM processes instead of multiple threads in the same process.  It 
has the nice added decoupling benefit of eliminating all the accidental 
complexities involved with having to write multi-threaded code and deal 
with concurrent access issues.

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Hi Kai -

Thanks for using the PRF.  I discarded your message to tao-users, in order 
to keep this discussion in the appropriate forum, but cleared your 
moderate flag for that list as well.

On 13 May 2015, at 8:37, kai-uwe.schieser at diehl.com wrote:

> TAO VERSION : 2.2.3
> ACE VERSION : 6.2.3
> Windows 7
> $ACE_ROOT/ace/config-win32.h
> TAO/CIAO are affected.
> Multithreaded dance_locality_manager method call dispatcher?
> Interface calls to components in an single dance_locality_manager are 
> dispatched single threaded.
> Hi there!
> I am using CIAO as CCM implementation and have the following problem:
> So far I deploy my components on a local machine (localhost) and they 
> are running in a single dance_locality_manager process. It seems that 
> all incoming interface calls (and also intercomponent calls) are 
> dispatched by a single thread in the dance_locality_manager. This is a 
> problem because some interface calls need long processing time. I 
> would like to call more interface methods in parallel. Is there a TAO 
> ORB option to enable some kind of multithreaded dispatching?
> Thanks in advance, Kai.

That is certainly possible using a svc.conf file (I'll refer you to the 
TAO documentation for the details on that, but can dig it up if you are 
still interested).  It is, however, not currently a currently tested (and 
thus not supported) configuration, and I don't know if there will be 
unintended side effects.

A better solution to your problem is to explicitly design for asynchronous 
behavior for such long-running method calls using AMI4CCM (

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