[gme-users] Show an attribute value on a connection

Zoltan Molnar zolmol at isis.vanderbilt.edu
Mon Aug 29 12:33:35 CDT 2005

As I promised, the description how to show an attribute value on a
connection line:

In a model:
Suppose you have a connection with an attribute called Foo with "bar"
Select the connection, then find its "Label format string" entry in the
Preferences tab and enter the 
%Foo% value there. Now the "bar" string will be displayed above the
connection line.

In a metamodel:
Select a Connection object (K), and edit its General Preferences
If you insert the following string "labelFormatStr = %Foo%" then later
during modeling, all your K connections will show the value of their Foo

Beside this, each connection kind has 4 label attributes, called: 1st
source label, 2nd source label, 1st destination label, 2nd destination
If you enter here the same kind of expression "%Foo%" then the
connection will show "bar" on the source or destionation side.


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> Hello again,
> Yes, I could use an attribute for the connection. However, 
> I'd like to use more than that.
> Meanwhile, I figured out, how to define an association with a 
> connection itself and some other object in the meta model. 
> But when I try to attach an object to the connection (in the 
> model), like I would do between objects, that doesn't work, 
> because the connection line does not provide a connection 
> point, which could be used for linking.
> Nonetheless, I will use attributes, if nothing else is around 
> for such notation. Thanks for your comments.
> On 27/08/05, Molnar Zoltan <zolmol at isis.vanderbilt.edu> wrote:
> > Hi,
> > 
> > You can define an attribute for the connection, in the 
> metamodel, and 
> > if you'd like that attribute value can be shown on the 
> connection line 
> > itself. (Details about the trick to show an attribute's value on a 
> > connection to come later.)
> > 
> > Br, Zoli
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