[gme-users] association-like notation

Manfred Heckler manfred.heckler at gmail.com
Mon Aug 29 20:48:14 CDT 2005

That's what I wanted. A nice trick!


On 29/08/05, Thompson, Robert C <robert.c.thompson3 at boeing.com> wrote:
> Supposing you have a class C1 and a class C2 and an association A1
> between them, and you want to make an "association class" named "AC"
> that "hangs on" to A1, you can do the following:
> 1) Define a new atom in your metamodel called "Bind" or "Knot" or
> something like that.  Giving it an icon that looks like a little dot
> will make the visualization of this look better.
> 2) Break your original Connection defining the association A1 into two
> connections: A11 and A12.  A11 should be between C1 and your "Bind"
> atom.  A12 should be between "Bind" and C2.
> 3) Define a new atom/model in your metamodel called "AC", and define a
> connection "ACBind" between "Bind" and "AC". You might want to give this
> connection a "dashed" look in the properties.
> 3.5) I've left out all of the aspect stuff and other things you'll need
> to make instances of these guys visualizable in your model.
> 4) Now, in your model, you can create in a model an instance of C1, an
> instance of C2, an instance of "Bind", and an instance of "AC".  You can
> connect the C1 and C2 instances to the "Bind", and the "Bind" instance
> can be connected to the "AC" instance.   The last connection will have a
> "dashed" look if you set it up right in #3 above, which will make it
> look like an assocation-class type of thing... AC is your association
> class instance.
> You'll notice that it all ends up looking just like the mechanism for
> creating Connections in the GME metamodel (i.e., you have a little dot
> that you hook up the two "endpoints" to, and a third item that hangs off
> of the dot with a different looking connector line).
> Does this suit your intent?
> Regards,
> -ace
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