[gme-users] how transform PIM to PSM and PSM to CODE in GME

Akos Ledeczi akos.ledeczi at vanderbilt.edu
Sat Dec 3 08:51:27 CST 2005

The paper describes how GME can support the MGA process. It has a simple 
example PIM and PSM along with the transformation between them using 
GREAT. If you have GME and GREAT installed, learn how to use them from 
the manuals, papers and tutorials. Then you should be able to recreate 
the metamodels and the GREAT transformation rules based on the 
screendumps. Then you can build some example model in the PIM and 
generate the PSM using GREAT.

There is no free lunch here. You have to do your own homework. There is 
a steep learning curve associated with these tools. There is no easy way 
around it...


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