[gme-users] Converting to managed code with BON2

Cong Zhang czhanga at gmail.com
Mon Nov 7 11:06:34 CST 2005

Hi, Zoltan,
  The following is your post on issue of converting unmanaged code
skeleton to managed. I am wondering if this issue has been  addressed
by GME 5 released in September.
  I am using BON2 to access models and because of user requirements,
we need to use windows forms. With BON, there was no problem after I
used the same approach as you mentioned in your post. However, with
BON2, I got the following compiling errors:

c:\program files\gme\sdk\bon\exceptions.cpp(161) : error C2349:
'BON::Exception::Exception' cannot be compiled using /clr: 'functions
containing both copy constructed arguments and inline asm are not
supported'; compile without /clr

Cong Zhang

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