[gme-users] Using console from interpreters

Steven D Baker Steven_D_Baker at raytheon.com
Sun Nov 20 18:01:21 CST 2005

Yes, that would be a nice feature. As a workaround, I wrote one (java)
interpreter where output is written to a log file, then notepad is used to
open the file prior to termination of the interpreter. Obviously, this
approach is not ideal, but I like it better than a popup :-)


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Is is possible for GME to hook up standard error to the console?  This will
permit debugging information to be printed to the console with relative
ease from the interpreters.  The current approach that we have in our
interpreters to pop-up dialog boxes is useless.  Also what will it take to
be able to do this from interpreters written using UDM?  I assume if GME
automatically does the setting up, it will not be necessary to modify
anything in UDM's RawComponent.{h,cpp}.


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