[gme-users] OCL supertypes

joc jocmeister at gmail.com
Tue Oct 11 17:41:01 CDT 2005


I am struggling through OCL... Currently I am stuck at predefined OCL types
and GME Kinds and Meta-Kinds...

1) I can not understand what is the mean of "supertype"? I.e. ocl::Real is
supertype of ocl::Integer (pdf manual, p.155) - is that like saying that
ocl::Integer is derived from ocl::Real (that would mean that all ocl::Real
methods can be used on ocl::Integer, but not vice versa...)?

2) Where can I find more information about integration of predefined types
into GME (maybe even examples)? On one tutorial is partially related to

3) Can anybody suggests some "helper-environment" for writing ocl statements
(code highlighting, member auto completion)... I'm writing class
declarations in visual studio .NET to get some benefit from IntelliSense.
Any idea here?

Have a nice day,
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