[gme-users] querying crosslinks from user library code

Aditya Agrawal aditya.agrawal at gmail.com
Fri Oct 14 10:08:46 CDT 2005

Hi Mat,


I have queried and established cross links through Attribute Mapping code in
the past. When I did do it I used UDM's generic API because we didn't
support the specific API then. 


It seems that you are calling external code in Attribute Mapping, if that's
the case then you will need to have all three paradigm's, start, cross,
end's .h file included in the custom code for it to work.


I hope this is the right direction.





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Is it supposed to be legal to query crosslink connections set up in a GReAT
transformation from user library code? I've been testing this out, and it
doesn't seem to work.


In a rule, I can successfully match a pattern involving a crosslink
connection from a source object to a destination object. Then, I pass the
source object in as the parameter to a function implemented in my library
using an AttributeMapping block. Inside the library function, I try and find
the same destination object using the same crosslink connection. This never
returns the object, even though obviously I had to have successfully matched
it in the rule for library function to even get called. Is this something
that's supposed to work?



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