[gme-users] querying crosslinks from user library code

Matthew J. Emerson mjemerson at isis.vanderbilt.edu
Thu Oct 13 18:19:38 CDT 2005

Is it supposed to be legal to query crosslink connections set up in a
GReAT transformation from user library code? I've been testing this out,
and it doesn't seem to work.


In a rule, I can successfully match a pattern involving a crosslink
connection from a source object to a destination object. Then, I pass
the source object in as the parameter to a function implemented in my
library using an AttributeMapping block. Inside the library function, I
try and find the same destination object using the same crosslink
connection. This never returns the object, even though obviously I had
to have successfully matched it in the rule for library function to even
get called. Is this something that's supposed to work?



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