[gme-users] problem on lession 1

Christian Brunette Christian.Brunette at irisa.fr
Tue Oct 25 12:16:57 CDT 2005


Each Connector must have three links connected to it: one from the 
source FCO, one to the destination FCO, and one to an object of type 
Maybe you forget to connect one of our Connector to a Connection class.


Lizhe WANG wrote:

>Hi, all:
>I just began to use GME. 
>When I start with Lesson 1: 
>Tutorial topics: Modeling basics. Generic modeling elements: models,
>atoms, and connections. The metamodeling process.
>I met following errors when interpreting the metamodel and installing
>the new paradigm
>Connector "Connector" has no Associated Class! 
>Association "Null_object" disregarded. 
>Note: Aspect mapping avoided. No user choice needed to be made. 
>Can anyone can help?
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