[gme-users] Help on Cannot create object Mga.MgaRegistrar

Zoltan Molnar zolmol at isis.vanderbilt.edu
Thu Oct 27 14:13:46 CDT 2005

I have seen such a message when GME has been installed for another user on a multi-user computer.
You could try to regsvr32 the dlls in GME's directory, open a command prompt in c:\program files\gme
And type:
Regsvr32 mgautil.dll

If succeeds you might try to launch gme.exe

Hth, Zoli

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> Dear GME users,
> after successful installation of GME on a
> Windows NT 4.0 Workstation / Service Pack 6a
> system using GME-4.11.10.exe I'm experiencing
> the following error message:
> Cannot create object Mga.MgaRegistrar (Err: #80040154)
> when launching the program. After pressing OK the dialog box 
> disappears and nothing further happens. I do suspect some 
> kind of COM problem, but it's been some years since I've been 
> doing COM. Hopefully, this is only minor problem and somebody 
> can offer a hint on how to fix it. For your information, I 
> initially tried GME-5.9.21.exe and even used the Repair 
> option in the installation program, but the results were the 
> same. About two year ago, I successfully ran a previous 
> release of GME on the same system, the exact version of which 
> I unfortunately can't recall, .
> Any help on this issue is kindly appreciated
> Joerg Seidler
> joerg.seidler at s-direktnet.de
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