[gme-users] Help on Cannot create object Mga.MgaRegistrar

Jörg Seidler joerg.seidler at s-direktnet.de
Sun Oct 30 15:00:24 CST 2005

Hi Zoltan,

thanks for the reply. Before I come to the results of manually 
registering  mgautil.dll,
let me provide some additional information, that was missing in my 
initial post.
First of course, I consulted the mailing list archive on this problem, 
but to no avail.
Second, the problem of launching GME appears when logged in as normal user
as well as when logged in as Adminitrator, whose account was used to 
install GME.

Now, to manually registering mgautil.dll. I did as you suggested (as 
normal user and as
Administrator) and received the following error message:

Der Prozedureinstiegspunkt "SHGetSpecialFolderPathA" konnte in der 
Dynamic Link
Library "Shell32.dll" nicht gefunden werden.

So this is German and on US system this should translate to something 
like this:

The procedure entry point "SHGetSpecialFolderPathA" could not be found 
in dynamic
link library "Shell32.dll".

I checked shell32.dll (Image Version: 4.00) and, indeed there is no 
variant in there. A SHGetSpecialFolderLocation, however, is exported. 
 From consulting the
Platform SDK documentation I learned that there are several shell32.dll 
versions floating around,
depending on what kind of Internet Explorer is installed.

 From the docs:

4.00    Windows 95, Windows NT 4.0, Internet Explorer 3.0, and Internet 
Explorer 4.0
            without Web Integrated Desktop.
4.71    Internet Explorer 4.0 with Web Integrated Desktop.
4.72    Internet Explorer 4.01 with Web Integrated Desktop.

I never installed IE 4.0 althought MSVC 6.0 does require it. I installed 
IE 6.0 prior to
installing MSVC 6.0.

Also from the Platform SDK documentation I learned that 
SHGetSpecialFolderPath is only
available in shell32.dll 4.71 onwards.

So, does anybody know how to remedy this situation without uninstalling 
IE, SPs, etc. and
reinstalling this stuff, which is a very annoying procedure, I don't 
want go through again?

Would building GME from source be on option, and how difficult is it 
using VC60/SP3?

Thanks a lot and bye

Zoltan Molnar schrieb:

>I have seen such a message when GME has been installed for another user on a multi-user computer.
>You could try to regsvr32 the dlls in GME's directory, open a command prompt in c:\program files\gme
>And type:
>Regsvr32 mgautil.dll
>If succeeds you might try to launch gme.exe
>Hth, Zoli
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>>Dear GME users,
>>after successful installation of GME on a
>>Windows NT 4.0 Workstation / Service Pack 6a
>>system using GME-4.11.10.exe I'm experiencing
>>the following error message:
>>Cannot create object Mga.MgaRegistrar (Err: #80040154)
>>when launching the program. After pressing OK the dialog box 
>>disappears and nothing further happens. I do suspect some 
>>kind of COM problem, but it's been some years since I've been 
>>doing COM. Hopefully, this is only minor problem and somebody 
>>can offer a hint on how to fix it. For your information, I 
>>initially tried GME-5.9.21.exe and even used the Repair 
>>option in the installation program, but the results were the 
>>same. About two year ago, I successfully ran a previous 
>>release of GME on the same system, the exact version of which 
>>I unfortunately can't recall, .
>>Any help on this issue is kindly appreciated
>>Joerg Seidler
>>joerg.seidler at s-direktnet.de
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