[gme-users] GME release 5.9.21

Peter Volgyesi peter.volgyesi at vanderbilt.edu
Wed Sep 21 16:22:13 CDT 2005

A new release of GME (r5.9.21) is available on the ESCHER website:

Important changes:
 - Updated STLport C++ library resulting performance enhancements.

 - GME is now developed and compiled with Microsoft Visual Studio.NET 2003. 

 - Reliability improvements in Constraint Manager and in Expression Checker

 - Mga.dtd is no longer needed to be present in the project folder for XSL

 - New preference setting added for annotations: control whether to inherit
them in Subtypes/Instances or not

 - Copy Smart feature: refined for better cross project copying

 - File drag and drop allowed to main GME window

 - Default Zoom level (per application) preference setting introduced

 - Port label length can be changed for models and for model references (see
Miscellaneous Preferences/Port Label Length setting)

 - Active Scripting enriched with 'it' object (represents the active model).
Documentation on the scirpting feature added to this manual.

 - BonExtender supports classes with up to 6 baseclasses in BON2

 - BON2 CREATED_EVENT handling improved for add-ons

 - BON2 connection methods are fixed to work properly (regarding whether
reference-port or fco is connected)

 - Several JavaBON problems fixed

Peter Volgyesi
Vanderbilt University, ISIS 

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