[gme-users] A newbee question on interpreter creation

Nicki Lehmann Møller nicki at itu.dk
Thu Aug 3 16:23:36 CDT 2006

Hi All!

Here's a newbie question to all you GME sharks :) I'm trying to walk through
the interpreter tutorial (Lesson 3) but I've unfortunately run into some
trouble. To be a bit more specific my problem is that whenever I press the
generate button (in the component configurator) a message box pops up with
the warning "could not perform component rename" (It actually pops up three
times and I ignore it all three times :)). Hereafter only the VS-solutioi
file is created no other source files are to be found :(. I have a sneaking
suspicion that unless it is me who's doing something wrong the problem could
be due to my environment which is VS 2005 pro and .NET v. 2.0.50727 runnning
on Win XP. Any guidance or suggestion on how I could/should move on will be
greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards,
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