[gme-users] Yet a newbee quiestion on interpreter creation!

Nicki Lehmann Møller nicki at itu.dk
Fri Aug 4 14:35:17 CDT 2006

Hi again!

Having learned that my current environment (VS2005 .NET 2.0.50272)
apparently isn't supported for c++ interpreter creation (see responds
below). I'd like to know if (and how) this affects the usage of the Java
interpreter API? Can I start to use this instead or will this also cause me
I'm asking because I've managed to run through the tutorial in lesson 8
without any trouble. However when I start to implement my own component I
get a ClassNotFoundException when trying to run the interpreter (even though
it is a replica of the existing TestBONComponent.java and placed in the same
folder). According to tutorial I should be able to create a new component by
implementing the BONComponent and register it via the JavaCompRegister tool
without compiling anything. Have I misunderstood something or is there a
connection between my environment and the java API?

Kind Regards,

-- respons on my prior mail

Hey Nicki,

I was basically able to duplicate your error using the same setup, except
for me the source files are successfully generated prior to the component
renaming step. As far as I know, GME still supports only VS 2003 .NET and VS
6. However, if you use one of the supported versions of VS when generating
your project, then you can use VS 2005 to auto-upgrade the project file and
proceed as normal.

I suggest you post a bug report:
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