[gme-users] Sample Java BON file

Adi Mallikarjuna Reddy V adimallikarjunareddy at gmail.com
Fri Aug 18 10:32:30 CDT 2006

Dear GME Users,

I am writing BON interpreter using Java. I am able to register the
Interpreter and also able to get some basic information of the project like
ProjectName, RootFolderName, Models in the Folder and the number of children
in model. I am unable to find API to get the Atoms and Connections in each

I tried getAtoms() of JBuilderModel, but it is giving 0 atoms in the model
even though there are 4 atoms in the model.

I used getChidren() of JBuilderModel, even though it is giving there are
this many number of children in the model, I am unable to extract out
different things (atoms, connections) from the children vector.

Any help in this regard is welcome.

Thanks in advance.

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