[gme-users] GME 6.11.9 released

Akos Ledeczi akos.ledeczi at vanderbilt.edu
Fri Dec 1 05:53:18 CST 2006

Dear GME users,

we have just released the latest version of GME 6. New features in 
Release r6.11.9 include the following:

- Complete redesign and reimplementation of the library feature.

- Namespace support in Meta and MGA libraries and in the meta 
interpreter  for paradigm composition. Refer to page 48 of the manual 
for more details.

- Namespace Config tool added to the distribution

- New connection end types in the GUI

- Several bugfixes

Note that new versions of UDM and Great are also available that are 
compatible with the new GME release. As usual, you can download GME (and 
the other tools) from the ISIS Software Repository:


Happy modeling,

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