[gme-users] Version problem in latest release of GME

James Hill hillj at isis.vanderbilt.edu
Sun Dec 3 19:30:21 CST 2006

Hey Folks,

I just installed the latest version of GME and tried to install UDM, but
UDM wouldn't install. The error message was stated that the UDM
installer was looking for version 6.11.9, but finding 6.9.28. I then
used a script that can get the version number for GME and it is
returning 6.9.28 instead of 6.11.9.

Can some please verify this problem??




James H. Hill - Ph.D. Student
Research Assistant - ISIS / DOC Group

Department of EECS / Computer Science Program
Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN

Email: j.hill at vanderbilt.edu 

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