[gme-users] JScript Resources

Zoltan Molnar zolmol at isis.vanderbilt.edu
Wed Dec 13 13:18:20 CST 2006

3 variables defined for scripting in the console window.
gme, project, it.
Gme implements IGMEOLEApp, it is creatable by "GME.Application" progid.
Project implements IMgaProject, it is creatable by "Mga.MgaProject"
It implements IGMEOLEIt, not creatable, represents the active view.

The "GME.Application" and "Mga.MgaProject" objects, since they are
creatable can also be used from standalone scripts (like Jscript).
For the Interface definitions please take a look on the idl files in
GME\Interfaces directory (gme.idl, mga.idl).


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> Hi,
> Where can I find resources (API documentation, sample code, 
> ...) about GME scripting using JScript ?
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